Friday, May 31, 2019


‘MatruVatsalyaVindanam’ that is the ‘Matareshwarya Veda’

This great work has taken form from the dialogue between Shree Guru Dattatreya and His disciple Shree Parshuram.

It is aneasy and simple account of the Aadimata Chandika’s Tridha form that is the Aadimata Gayatri, the Aadimata Mahishasurmardini and the Aadimata Anasuya. 

Describing this memoir, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha writes – “This is a sacred work, this is a gunasankirtan or praise of the attributes, it is the Ganges of knowledge, it is also the Bhagirathi of Bhakti (bhakti that flows from the bhakta back to the source, the Almighty) and, of course, the narrative about the Aadimata. 

But over and above all of this, it is the Shubhankara and the Ashubhanashini manifestation of my Aadimata; it is Her gentle motherly affection, and it is also Her grace and blessing.”

‘MatruVatsalya Upanishad’ that is the ‘Shree SwastikshemVidya’

This great work is nothing but infinite forgiveness, caring love and immense affection of the Aadimata. 

The reading of the Upanishad starts destroying forever all the doubts, reservations, conjectures, suspicions, fears and dejections. This Upanishad is one of the fruition of the ‘Swatiskshem Tapascharya’ performed by Sadguru Shree Aniruddha that he has made available to all his Shraddhavan friends.

As Sadguru Shree Aniruddha has mentioned in it, this book of love has no specific way or manner of reading, one has to be read it with love and faith only and keep reading it as and when possible. 

The reading of this sacred work lets us experience how every weapon of the Chandika missions in the lives of the Shraddhavans.