Avahanam Na Janami

man has to struggle in his life, in fact, without struggle there can be no progress and development. The path that is life has many ups and downs;it’s a mosaic of the cool shade of happiness as well as fiery sun blaze of misery. Many times during the journey of life, I feel, realize that a graceful hand, that supports me during the crisis, that wipes away my tears during despair, that pats my back in appreciation of my efforts and that always remains over me to bless, is constantly with me.

This hand is ‘His’ support, ‘His’ intervention – the hand of the Almighty, of the Sadguru Principle; it is the sheer love ‘He’ has for me, it is ‘His’unmerited compassion and immense forgiveness.

I do bhakti as per my convenience;my behavior, thoughts, food, activities are not always appropriate;it is also not that I always recall ‘Him’ and yet He does not forget me; He is always and wholly with me, backing me with His love, His grace and His support. A bhakta is unaware of how to talk to Him, how to evoke Him, how to worship Him, how to attain Him and most importantly how to express gratitude at His feet and it is at this point where a dialogue, a communication between a bhakta and the Almighty, the Sadguru Principle begins.At the start of the work ‘Avahanam Na Janami’, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha writes – “Herein speaks the heart of a bhakta: A bhakta who chants the name of the Almighty, who worships and prays, who does his sadhana when a part of the crowd and apart from it. This is a cry of a child, reaching out to the mother. This is also a call of everyone, rising from deep within, from the immeasurable depths extending to the infinite, the immense.”

While reading the work ‘Avahanam Na Janami’, every bhakta feels a similarity with his contemporary life situation and associates with it. He feels that the feelings expressed match with the thoughts of his mind. Every bhakta desires to expresses his inner feelings, sentiments and talk to the Almighty, and ‘Avahanam Na Janami’ is about this very desire.

‘Avahanam Na Janami’ also guides me about God-realization even as I take forward my contemporary life. It explains to me how to journey while accepting ‘His’ love and give Him the same back in return.

Hence, the work ‘Avahanam Na Janami’ is a communication by abhakta with the Almighty. The book is also, communication with his own self, his ‘I’. ‘Avahanam Na Janami’ assures a bhakta about his journey on the path of Bhakti and also gives him support, direction, impetus, momentum and a supply of provisions on it.